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This is a bolt-on body drop kit for the later model squarebody C10's. I have used it on a 82 and a 84 model. There are a lot of differences in the squarebody chassis from 73-87, so please compare your chassis to the photos to make sure it will work for you. Some defining things at which to look are the amount of body drop you'll need to lay pinch. The earlier years only required 3/4"... this kit will not work for those chassis. Some of the later chassis had a large dip in the frame rail on the driver's side. This is the chassis this kit is designed for. That dip in the chassis will need to be flattened out for the driver's side frame rail to lay flat on the ground. Because this kit modifies the front frame horns to drop the front bumper mounts and radiator support mounts, it may require additional modifications when retaining a stock style steering box. The kit was designed to be used with a "dropmember" style front suspension. There is some trimming required on the cab itself for this kit to fit. The rear cross member of the cab will need to be clearanced, the floor under the seat will need two cut outs for the chassis to come through, the radiator support will also need some slight trimming to clear the dropped mount. Also, depending on which transmission you have, the trans tunnel may need to be modified. Please refer to the photos for examples of where you will be doing trimming on the cab.


***These kits are built to order. Please allow up to 2 weeks before it is shipped. Of course we will always try to get it out as soon as possible.

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